I am trying to create a new element on the Landing page to have this element providing access to one of the available PRD.
So I create an new element on the landing page and put in the following URL:{"submit":"submitThenOpener(300 0)","cancel":"window.close()"}&uid=cn=createemploy ee,cn=requestdefs,cn=appconfig,cn=userapplication, cn=driver%20set,ou=res,o=haw&aqua=true

Save the element and move it to one of the categories. Ready.

If I click the element on the landing page now, I simply get an empty page showing the "Back to Process requests" button.

If I use the same URL and post this directly into a new browsers tab, it works and I can use the PRD, Submit the form etc. Within an element from the landing page it doesn't work.
I already tried some combinations, so skipping the jsa and aqua statements - no success.

Any ideas?