I've got a problem when I try to provide exchange 2016 mailboxes in a
certain environment.
I updated an old addriver to enable it to provide exchange 2016

In the driver trace, the operation is finished with state "success", but
the mailbox is not created.

<add-association dest-dn="\FHG_DIT\DE\Fraunhofer\FOKUS\User\VzD
Testuser" dest-entry-id="38412"
level="success" type="exchange"/>

When I look at the remote loader logfile, I see this:

DirXML: [10/27/16 17:17:41.54]: ADDriver: Exchange: begin provision
exchange account through powershell service
DirXML: [10/27/16 17:17:41.54]: ADDriver: Exchange: optimize
DirXML: [10/27/16 17:17:41.54]: ADDriver: Exchange: add user mailbox to
new mail store
DirXML: [10/27/16 17:17:41.54]: ADDriver: Exchange: provision
DirXML: [10/27/16 17:17:41.54]: ADDriver: Retrieving DNS name of Local
machine to append to Domain Controller
DirXML: [10/27/16 17:17:41.54]: ADDriver: Enabling mailbox...
Enable-Mailbox -Identity 'cn=Verzeichnisdienst
Testuser,ou=passwd,dc=fokus,dc=myCompany,dc=de' -Alias 'vzd-testuser'
-Database 'CN=3GBDB-01,CN=Databases,CN=Exchange Administrative Group
(FYDIBOHF23SPDLT),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=fokus,CN=Microsoft
Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=fokus,DC= myCompany,DC=de'
-DomainController 'BASIS.fokus.myCompany.de'
DirXML: [10/27/16 17:17:41.82]: ADDriver: Exchange: IDM PowerShell
Service Response ERROR : Die Postfachdatenbank "3GBDB-01" befindet sich
nicht auf einem Server, auf dem Exchange 2010 ausgefhrt wird.

The message in the last row means, that the powershell service was not
able to create the mailbox, because the homeMDB is not located on an
server that runs Exchange 2010.
Of course it is not, because it's an Exchange 2016 server.
Former we used Exchange 2010.

Has anyone an idea why the service 'thinks' that the homeMDB has to be
an Exchange 2010 server?

Is there anywhere a kind of exchange domain mode / a registry key / a
driver param or the like, I need to change?

Kind regards,

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