We have a large number of files without owner. These have been archived using Caminosoft HSM which will not retrieve the files giving the same error as when the owner has used all their allocation on the volume. Changing the owner to a valid current user enables them to be retrieved.

I have tried flag.exe and get an error "This utility was unable to allocate the volume handle." when run against a sub-directory which is mapped as a root drive. I believe this is due to long file names.

I have downloaded chngownr.zip from the cool solutions site <https://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/15805.html> and while it seems to show that it has changed the owner from "unknown user" to ".cn=admin.o=org.t=tree." that does not show in either iManager or the properties of the file viewed in Windows File Explorer and Caminosoft still returns the same error. This syntax is that suggested by the author of chngownr - I am now attempting to change the ownership to "admin.org" which is the format normally used.

Is removing all quotas from the affected volume likely to get round the problem with Caminosoft HSM