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Yesterday we had blackout and forced to bring our ZCM (11.4.2 VA) down. Down was graceful. After blackout was over we switched it on again. Ping appear and all services were up, but ... on ZCC initial screen I saw error mentioned in subject (404 Error - The page requested could not be found.). Well, I did restart server (via VA control), but it didn't appear anymore (symptoms described in thread mentioned above). Then we forced it down (just switched off VA), started again and ... up as usually once again. Didn't change anything in between. Yes, this problem started and still there after we did upgrade 11.3 to 11.4. We just haven't (re)started server since then, wasn't need for that.
Any experiences? (Yes, we have plans to upgrade to 11.4.3, but not just jet.)
More thanks, Alar.