Hi everyone,

We are having problems configuring the file associations on Windows 8.1 with Zenworks 11.4. We want HTM and HTML files to be associated with Chrome rather than IE. We know that Microsoft have changed procedures a little bit with Windows 8.1 and that you amend the settings to how you want them to be, export the settings to an XML file using DISM. You then place the XML file in an area that the PC can access (we have used the local C drive) and you amend the Group Policy in

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/File Explorer/ - Set a default associations configuration file and we point it at the file that we outputted from DISM.

We apply the policy and we can see it change within the local group policy of the PC. But it doesn't change the file associations. Other changes we make on the Group Policy work - so we know the deployment of it is okay.

I have found this article on the Zenworks 11.4 Documentation and at the very bottom of the page it says for Windows 8.1 ensure that Interactive Logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL is set to disabled. We have done that and it has made no difference.

We are NOT in a domain environment and I can see from the policy description that we are trying to change it has this following advice:-

If the group policy is not configured, disabled, or the client machine is not domain-joined, no default associations will be applied at logon time.

I am thinking we can't be the only Zenworks environment without a domain and therefore not the first people to come across this issue. Does anyone have any ideas of where I can investigate further?