Doing a UA Migration from UA 3.7 to 4.5.

UA 4.5 with Websphere using Oracle 12c. IDMProv, dash, landing, rra deployed on Websphere.

Imported data from Oracle 10g to Oracle 12c.
Used a new UA 4.5 driver and imported DAL, etc using designer.

Installed UA 4.5 using "create tables now" and "configure later" and executed Liquibase command.

The /IDMProv page gives > An error has occurred while processing your request. Please contact the administrator, or click the back button and try again.
after login to /landing page, refreshing /IDMProv works and shows Workspace but not Identity Self service page and tabs.

SystemOut.log shows

com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.servlet.ServletWrapper service SRVE0014E: Uncaught service() exception root cause /jsps/index.jsp: com.ibm.websphere.servlet.error.ServletErrorReport : com.sssw.fw.exception.EboUnrecoverableSystemExcept ion: Failed to retrieve page definition for GuestContainerPage

Also get this error in the Navigation Access Permission Page

PortletContainerImpl: failed to run the portlet: 'AdminList'. Please contact your System Administrator.
The portlet handle 'AdminContainerPage_AdminList' could not be found. This indicates that the datastore may be corrupt.

The Identity Self Service page does not open.

The Data ie Request status etc is present.