I have started moving any and all of my systems to SSD drives to help speed things up. Most of my laptops are SSD now and I have been adding the drives to any desktops we have purchased. What I am finding is during the Imaging process the ZISD process fails to write the hostname and kicks a failure out. From what I can tell the data is written after an OS is present and the hostname is set at that level. I can re-image the machine a second time and it keeps the ZISD of the previous deployment.

Is this a known issue with SSD's or is there a setting I need to look at to get this working properly. The vast majority of the drive deployments are Edge SSD's. I have noticed the issues since I started using this type of drive (ZAA versions 11.4, 11.4.1,11.4.2 and now 11.4.3)