Yesterday we upgraded SSPR to version (test
By navigating to an SSPR page where the user have to login produces the
following error on the screen:
Error: The service may be disabled or an invalid request was made to an
active service. Please contact your system administrator. (An invalid
OAuth2 request was received.)
Looking at this post the error seems the same (comparing the loglines on
my server) and should be fixed in

Switching back to SSPR version and all goes fine.

SSPR log:
2016-11-03T13:12:15Z, TRACE, http.PwmRequest, {183} GET request for:
/sspr/private/config/ConfigManager (no params) [IPaddress]
2016-11-03T13:12:15Z, TRACE, oauth.OAuthConsumerServlet, {183} preparing
to redirect user to oauth authentication service, setting nextUrl to
/sspr/private/config/ConfigManager [IPaddress]
2016-11-03T13:12:15Z, TRACE, oauth.OAuthConsumerServlet, {183} issuing
oauth state id=0 with the next destination URL set to 0 [IPaddress]
2016-11-03T13:12:15Z, TRACE, oauth.OAuthConsumerServlet, calculated
oauth self end point URI as 'https://URL/sspr/public/public/oauth' using
method SiteURL Setting

OSP version: 6.0.0 r4

Still learning the NetIQ be kind with me ;-)


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