(ZCM 11.4.3, single primary server appliance)

1. Can I deploy the ZCM 11.4.3 agent to a WS that is running the 11.4.2 agent while the WS is at the Novell login dialog (as opposed to the desktop)? The ZCC shows the agent stuck at 0% complete after sending a refresh and waiting 20 minutes. I had to log into the WS as a user before the update would start. This was a Windows 10 machine build 1607. When I got to the desktop, immediately the message mentioned in 2 below appeared. I clicked on 'OK' and the update started.

2. It appears on Windows 10 machines that when you deploy the 11.4.3 agent (again on a machine running 11.4.2) you will get a popup that says "Windows Explorer will be restarted before ZENworks System Update." and an 'OK' button. Nothing happens until you click the 'OK' button, then the monitor flashes and the update starts. I don't see this happening on Windows 7 machines. BTW, the Windows 10 machines are build 1607.

It would be a real pain if you have to 'restart Windows Explorer' on every Windows 10 machine before the ZCM 11.4.3 agent would deploy.