Hi. Here's my scenario : I have a hierarchy of containers in eDirectory
(down to user objects) For example, starting with company -> location ->
(a user's dn will look like cn=johndoe,ou=123,ou=456,o=MyOrganization)
where 123 is the companyID, 456 is the locationID. Each user has a
DirXML-Association to an external system. The DirXML-Association looks
like cn=ExternalSystem,cn=Drivers,o=MyOrganization#1#pe rson=789

(where 789 is the ID of the same user in the external system).

My question is : What does the LDAP query look like if I want to search
my eDirectory for this user, only given the ID of this user in the
external system (i.e. the value 789?)

I tried doing :

(DirXML-Association=cn=ExternalSystem1,cn=Drivers,o=MyOrga nization#1#person=789)

but it doesn't work.

Any help is appreciated.


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