We're pleased to announce the release of the Security Agent for UNIX 7.5, designed to monitor UNIX and Linux systems using Change Guardian, Secure Configuration Manager, and Sentinel.

This release includes the following:
- New support for monitoring Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2
- New support for monitoring SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 and 12 SP1
- New support for monitoring Open Enterprise Server (OES)
- Better resource usage via dynamic creation and deletion of audit rules based on policy assignment
- Simplified installation due to the removal of 32-bit dependencies
- Better security through OpenSSL updates
- Support for running in FIPS 140-2 Inside mode

The product download is available for a clean installation at https://dl.netiq.com by searching for the associated product (CG, SCM, or Sentinel). It's available for updates from PatchFinder.

The release notes and user guide can be found on the associated documentation pages for Change Guardian, Secure Configuration Manager, or Sentinel.

Please note that due to upgrades in communications protocols, this release does not support running on the same machine as the AppManager Agent for UNIX. More detail is available in the release notes.