I just created a new form that allow to assign and remove resources to a

The form shows all the assigned resources (get nrfassignedresources for
user per category) and all available resources (idvault global query
resources per category).

From here we can select resources to remove (from assigned resources)
and resources to add (from available resources).

The workflow concatenate all resources to add and all resources to
remove and makes two loops with "resource request" activity to grant and
remove resources.

This works fine, except that the workflow ends with error if we want to
assign an already assigned resource (this is cosmetic, the workflow do
the work anyway).

So, now, I would like to try to filter the list of available resources
without the already asigned resources.

I display the available resource with the following function:

function DisplayAvailableResources(dn,fldName,Category,Cate gory1)
if ( dn == "" ) return;
IDVault.globalQuery(fldName, "Resources",
{"category":Category, "category1":Category1})
alert( fldName+": error getting available resources for "+dn+" : "+e

(form.getValue("LoginName"),'AvailableAccess','Bad ge','null');
(form.getValue("LoginName"),'AvailableOutils','Out ils','null');
(form.getValue("LoginName"),'AvailableEquipement', 'Equipment','null');
(form.getValue("LoginName"),'AvailableRHApplicatio ns','RHApp','null');

From here, I think I should make a loop and analyze each resource and
check if this resource if assign to the user, but I don't see how to
start ?

Maybe someone has an idea or already done that ?

Thanks a lot.


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