there is a OES2SP2a (Yes, really old!) Server.

For move the data I have created a NSS-RAID1 with on partition at the old
device, the other partition on the new device. Perfect! Data synced!

After this I removed the partition form the old device from the raid.
(nssmu; show raid-partitions; enter; choose the old partition, delete)

It leaves a NSS-Raid with only one member. The partition on the new device.
All data are there. All Engines up and running. Good!

Now I want to remove the NSS-Raid without lose the data. How can I archive
this? It is secure to remove the NSS-Raid via nssmu; RAID; Delete? Survive
the nss-pool this operation?
Doku says: No. But it seems that the Doku is a little bit confuse at this
point (NSS-Raid)

Helpful hints anywhere?