I have ZENworks 11.4.2 currently running and recently changed Primary servers in our zone. When I look at the Diagnostics page, the databases section is fine. The Primary Servers has my server listed with the correct IP address and hostname, but the Status says "Server not reachable" and the Memory, CPU Usage, Time Sync, User Source Connectivity, and Disk Usage are all blank. Also, under ZENworks Processes, it lists the processes and server but all the other fields say Not Available. When I click on the process (ZENworks Authentication Service for example) it opens another web page with an HTTP Status 401 error:

HTTP Status 401 - Authentication Failed: Unable to process claimed identity 'https://<servername>/zenworks/?requestHandler=ZENOpenIDHandler'

type Status report

message Authentication Failed: Unable to process claimed identity 'https://<servername>/zenworks/?requestHandler=ZENOpenIDHandler'

description This request requires HTTP authentication.
Apache Tomcat/7.0.68

Is there a config file or an xml file I need to edit? Also, the diagnostics page will only show information with FireFox v44. When I use IE 11, it only shows the Database information. The Primary Servers and Processes do not show anything. And yes, I have compatibility view turned off.