We have recently upgraded to ZENworks 11.4.3. We have a virtual machine that we are building a UEFI Windows 10 image on vmware workstation 12.5.1. Since the upgrade from ZENworks 11.4.1 to 11.4.3, we no longer can PXE boot this virtual machine. It is hanging at "Start PXE over IPv4." We were successfully able to PXE this same virtual machine prior to this upgrade.

We are running our primary servers on SLES 11 SP3.
The satellite server that is delivering the PXE services is running SLES 11 SP4.

All primaries and all satellites have been upgraded to ZENworks 11.4.3.

We are able to successfully PXE boot a physical UEFI Windows 10 Surface Pro.

Any assistance would be appreciated as we are under a deadline to deliver this image to several other Surface Pros.