I tried to upgrade my 4.2.1 appliance today, and I started with the OS
upgrade, it worked without any problem (except for the documentation
that refers to 4.2 instead of 4.3)
But when I came to the NAM part i got stuck in the prerequisite test :

NAMAPP:~/NAM-singlebox- # ./sb_upgrade.sh
Ensure 1800MB is available...
Checking the disk information...
Cannot upgrade components from [ ] to [ ].
Terminating the installation...

Then I looked in to the underlaying script and found out that 4.2.1 is
not a supported version to upgrade from ?

supportedVersions="\|\|\|4.2. 3.0\|"

Is this correct ? I could not find anything about that in the readme or
appliance documentation ?
Or is it fixed by just adding 4.2.1 to the supportedVersions variable ?

Regards Magnus

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