Can anyone shed some light for me.

I am using the ZMAN command for reconfiguring our 80+ satellite servers. And it is working great. I have just added the creation scripts for adding new servers to our environment and this is working with the exception of being able to specify the content replication method.

Is there a command I can use. The default is to "Use parent primary server only" and I would like to change it to "Use closest content servers first"

I currently run these commands

zman ssc /Devices/Workstations/GWR_Windows_7_64bit/XXXXXX Collection,Content,Authentication /Devices/Servers/Novell_SLES_Servers/primaryserver

zman sscaus /Devices/Workstations/GWR_Windows_7_64bit/XXXXXX WESTERN-TREE authserver1,authserver2,authserver3