We have client with GroupWise 2012 we are trying to move to GW2014
as with all these things Exchange has cropped up in the discussion... again!!

Another company has put forward Office 365 + Sharepoint solution

One of the requirements is better Project or Job based communications - Sharepoint Site mailboxes has been suggested.
and several people like the idea and its been thrown at us as longstanding partner to see if we can deliver this


Is there functionality in GW that can help with this?
initial thinking is that creating a Job/Project mailbox might do the job but since the client has been shown Exchange + Sharepoint system
we need to investigate the full capabilities & not just say you can setup a Project mailbox !

I'm NOT a great MS fan but one of colleagues is looking at Exchange + Sharepoint
I understand Microsoft provide Cloud resources to allow us to setup a specific private "Demo" for the Client

Am I looking this to simply !
Essentially once an enquiry becomes a new Project is started and a project mailbox is created with Proxy access to users concerned
in order to communicate with Users or outside the user will use the Proxy mailbox

Any ideas comments welcome