We have ZENworks 11.4.2 and after installing ZENworks driver imaging update may 2016 the imaging won't work.
The problem is on the tuxera ntfs driver.
In ZENworks we uploaded a new tntfs.zip driver and wait untill it's available over all our ZENworks servers.
Then we do a TFTP replication and wait untill all servers are in sync.
We also restart the Novell services on the ZENworks servers.

Then we start the pxe environment on a pc, we go to the imaging prompt and give the command: "lsmod | grep tntfs" and don't get any output.
Normally this command wil display information over the tuxera driver.

The highperfdriver.conf is available in the tftp folder.
The tntfs.ko files are available in the tftp/11.4.2/x86 and x86_64 folders.

Can someone help me?