Running a User App (ver 4.5.3) on clustered Tomcat servers on Windows
Server 2012.

We have a workflow that allows the requestor to select a user using a DN
Lookup field. The DN Lookup triggers an onChange event that queries the
selected user and returns the current nrfAssignedResources. The results
are then iterated through and the assigned resources are added to a
picklist display. The seems to work perfect in IE 11 and MS Edge but
not in Chrome or FireFox.

When executing the resource query against my entity in Chrome/FireFox it
always returns a blank value. The other queries against that entity for
other attributes work fine in Chrome/FireFox but the
nrfAssignedResources attribute always comes back blank. I would expect
that to be a permissions issue in eDir that is preventing the logged in
user from seeing that data but the same user can execute the same
workflow with the same selected DN in IE 11 where it works perfectly so
that leads me to believe that the rights are ok.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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