We are accepting resumes for an open position; have a nickname/alias setup in Groupwise where the resumes are being set to, and want the responder's true identity to be hidden as we respond to these applicants.
Went through Danita's document on "How to change your sending email address in Groupwise"...and appears to be correct. However, nothing is sending. Did two different test cases. The messages in one case are sitting in the user's sent mail, they are being sent to an external test address. In the another case, it appears the message has left the sent mail, but is not in the recipient box (this was a test message from the nickname to an internal recipient). In that case, I did check the GWIA logs and it shows the entries:

Successful login with client/server access (postofficeIP:1677
Inboound AUTH failure (8101) ---which it should should this, correct?
SMTP Session ended: (user ip address)

In the 2nd test case, it did sit in the inbox until I hit the Accounts, Send/receive....

I see no entries in GWIA for the first test case.

So I double-checked everything. The only thing I think may be happening is the process seems to be getting stuck on the incoming for some reason, it does not like that it isn't good information on that connection. Isn't there any way to just get it
to send and not retrieve? And isn't this just supposed to automatically send it without us having to use the Send/Receive link?

Thanks for any help. I am actually trying to get this to work for our CEO, and hel's getting a bit impatient with the process...

Kind regards,