the debug/logging data which can be accessed through the admin ui of SSPR is available as the file SSPR.log. In SSPR versions before 4.x this was created under tomcet/webapps/sspr/WEB-INF starting with version 4 of SSPR it is stored in a log directory in an individual sspr-data directory (i.e /home/novlua/sspr-data/log/SSPR.log)

We found, that this file only provides records of a few days (two, three day tops) - even if the logintoDB Parameter tells SSPR to store log information for 28 days! So this parameter does not have any influence on the logfile.

Can anybody provide information how the "duration" of entries in this file can be configured?

An other question is, since that file at the end is setup through TOMCAT if there is a way to use the Tomcat log configuration somehow to implement a roll-over of that file?

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