When trying to set a sql query to a local variable, it didn't seem to
take effect and I saw an output document.

If you see Fernando's document: http://tinyurl.com/myq7tot ... It
includes using a jdbc:sql statement / query to pull data from a
database. It looks like it sends it through on the subscriber channel
and then outputs it on the publisher channel with a different DTD.

output similar to:

<output xmlns:jdbc="urn:dirxml:jdbc">
<jdbc:result-set jdbc:number-of-rows="1">
<jdbc:row jdbc:number="1">
<jdbc:column jdbc:name="idu"
<jdbc:column jdbc:name="fname"
<jdbc:column jdbc:name="lname"
<status level="success"/>

If you see the forum link:

It discusses setting it as a local variable. I don't see the logic
working with a local variable. It seems to have been following
Fernando's logic of receiving an output document even though I had
requested it to be part of a local variable / node set.

Question: Does it matter what channel you are setting the local variable
for it to work? The logic I'm trying to implement is to write a new user
out via the JDBC driver into the vault on the publisher channel. A
loopback driver updates a value when it sees the user created. The
subscriber channel sees the update from the loopback and does a query
against the jdbc driver. Long story why I am doing this, basically we
are requesting additional rows for the same user after the user is
created / modified. Their job records are on different rows and the
driver can't consume the data in the way we want by default.... So would
it matter in setting the local variable for the query response be
specific to initiating it on the publisher or subscriber channel?
Subscriber channel would be best as we would know what user is
associated as part of the driver flow.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Should we see the output document as part of the setting the local


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