We are running iPrint 6.05 on a SLES 11 SP3 / OES 11 SP2 server. The iPrint Manager is 3.0.2.

We are having intermittent problems where some people can print to an iPrint printer but others can't. Uninstalling the printer then re-installing as well as uninstalling the iPrint client and reinstalling doesn't seem to help the affected users. When I look in the ndpsmmon.log log file on the server, I see the error "506D0032 - invalid identifier" and "Error: 506D000C - object not found" multiple times. We only have 48 printers so we shouldn't be stressing the iPrint server.

Other people printing to the same printer have no problem. Also, the problem users can print to other iPrint printers with no problem. It is only some printers that some users can't print to. If we set up direct IP printing to the printer for the problem users, then printing works without fail.

What do these errors mean? What other logs can I look at to troubleshoot the problem?