We have a Tomcat cluster with two nodes running on Windows Server 2012
running UA (4.5.3) and the lastest version of SSPR.

We are currently seeing an issue where if traffic comes through the load
balancer on https (port 443), the load balancer redirects traffic to
Tomcat on port 8180 (external https to load balancer and then internal
traffic on http) but Tomcat responds on port 80 and this causes
redirection loop errors that prevent the traffic from flowing. OSP is
configured for the http URL but SSP doesn't really OSP so the fact that
both applications are responding makes me think this is a Tomcat issue.
Port 8443 (https) is disabled in the current Tomcat configuration
because we do not expect traffic on https but is this our problem? In
order to have the load balancer send us requests using an https URL do I
need to have https enabled on Tomcat?

A straight https to https connection makes sense but is it required or
is there some other approach that can be used to allow Tomcat to respond
to the load balancer appropriately using the current traffic

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