I've upgraded 2 of my 3 SLES 11.3/OES 2015 servers to SLES 11.4/OES 2015
SP1. The upgrade went well with no errors. I've also updated the
iManager NPM's on the upgraded servers to the latest. Since doing so
I can no longer modify/create/delete DFS junctions from the iManager
running on those systems. I can still manage DFS from the remaining
server that has not been upgraded yet.

The error given is: "Storage Error - File Protocol error occurred:
cannot open the NSS version file on the selected server. The NSS
software may not currently be running on this server."

All of the searching I've done on this error states that it's a non
specific error, and has sent me down some deep rabbit holes that don't
seem to apply to this. Is there anything I can look for to alleviate
this problem? DFS is actually working. Junctions are working, all of
the VLDB command line functions work, both replica sites say they are in
good shape and running, I can still manage DFS from the 3rd server, but
I need to be able to manage it from the two that have been upgraded and
they are the ones that aren't working for some reason.