Hi all,
we are using Netiq sentinel Version

The installation is based on 4 system, a single indipendent machine for
testing purpose with Sentinel/collector and a production environment
with two collector and a Sentinel server.

All these servers are hosted on Vmware Esxi5.5 Build 3568722 (but we
are evaluating to upgrade to version 6) on a 13 node HP Blade Proliant
and storage Hp 3par server. Vcenter version is 5.5.

We use as enterprise backup system EMC Legato with agent for file system
backup and full virtual machine (at vmware level).

Here the version of Legato:
Backup filesystem:
EMC NetWorker server - EMC NetWorker client

Backup VM:
NetWorker server - EMC VMWare Backup Appliance

The questions are:

1) we can use vMotion on Sentinel VM to achieve HA on the blade
2) Our backup technology is supported for full VM backup?

The problem is to ensure that have consistent machine after a vMotion or
a full VM restore.

Thanks for reply,

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