several users in a plant have problems with long delay while login in via zenworks:

ZENworks Configuration Management-Version:
ZENworks Asset Management-Version:
ZENworks Patch Management-Version:
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management-Version:
Version der vollständigen Festplattenverschlüsselung in ZENworks:
ZENworks Agent-Version:
If the user is login without novell (workstation only) the user can login in nearly 10 seconds.
If the user is login with novell / zenworks, the wallpaper will be displayed and stay there for nearly 3 minutes. during this its not possible to start taskmanager or other processes.
After this 3 minutes the loginscript will performed (lasts 5 seconds) and then the desktop is available.

Have consulted the eventviewer, but no errors like hanging processes, hanging profilemanger etc...

The Zenworks-server has 3 bundles configured (now all disabled) and a DLU-Policy.
Is there a possibility to debug this problem, it must be a delay from zenworks, but why and who whould i start to search for?
Roamingprofiles is not used!