I have an incoming path syntax attribute on the publisher channel, the
volume component refers to an existing object in the IDVault.

The engine seems to just love to remove this attribute with the
justification that it can't resolve the (perfectly valid referential
volume reference).

After several failed workarounds that focused on renaming the volume
component to defeat the processor (a technique that has worked before).
I realized that maybe the engine was inferring path syntax from the
names of one of the other components (which I didn't change) and the
total count of components (always 3). So I ended took a look at the DTD


Where I determined that the only well known structured value which had
plain text components was postal address.

So on an odd hunch, I added a policy to add three additional components
(to be exactly 6) to my value and then a publisher event transform
policy to strip these off. This defeated the association reference
processor nicely.

Anyone got a better/less invasive approach?