NetIQ Identity Manager Service Pack 5 - Designer 4.5.5

NetIQ Identity Manager Service Pack 5 - Designer 4.5.5
November 2016
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5 Service Pack 5 includes new features, improves usability, and resolves several previous issues

1.1 New Features

Claim Functionality

When multiple users are assigned the same task, one of the users can claim the task to notify others about the ownership of the task. If a task is assigned to only one user, the task can be claimed to inform about the ownership of the task. This feature has been re-introduced in Identity Manager in this release.

The Claim button can now be added on the approval form. This enables an approver to view the claim details by using the Claim button in the approval form before approving a task. When a task is claimed, the Release button gets enabled and the Claim button gets disabled. For more information, see Action Reference in NetIQ User Application Design guide.

A New Pop-Up Window in Designer for Migrating Linkages

Designer includes a new pop-up message prompting you to migrate the linkages while importing a driver or a driver set. Migrating linkages reorders the policies in a policy set and generates the missing attribute DirXML-pkgLinkages. Designer requires this attributes to correctly order the policies on further package upgrade or downgrade.