Starting with ZENworks 11.4.3 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 with MS SQL 2008 R2 for the external database server running on the same physical server. I know, not a recommended configuration, even for 15 devices in a lab. The project is to move the database server to a new MS Server 2012 platform running MS SQL 2014 SP2.

I backed up the ZENworks and Audit database on the old SQL server and restored them on the new SQL server - no issues. My understanding is that should preserver the DBO accounts on the restore and looking at the new databases that appears to be the case. I updated the ZDM.XML and ZENAUDIT.XML files with new server name, database file path. SQL port is 1433 on both sides; I did add 1433 to the firewall exceptions on the new SQL server. No named instances. I think that's everything to know about the configuration.

When I restarted services on the primary server and launched the ZCC URL, I get a "404 Error - The page requested could not be found. Refer ZCC.log for error messages or additional information." Amusingly, a search of the device (Windows 10) on which I]m trying to access the ZCC does not show a ZCC.log file in a search. I tried the ZCC from the primary server itself and get the same error; on that device there is a ZCC.log file in the expected location but it hasn't been updated in over a day.

I have verified that I can ping all the servers from each other, and just to make sure I've updated the hosts file on each server to identify the server/IP addresses. There is no domain; everything is running in workgroup. I did try disabling the firewalls on each of the servers - as well as both at the same time - but that didn't help the situation.

This was supposed to be easy, but clearly I've missed something.