I have a bundle that copies directories and files down to the ${Windir}\Temp dir. I then run a program from those files then I want to delete the directory structure. Under the Launch Action Set I am using the "Create/Delete directory" action and specify the directory as ${Windir}\Temp\Dell_CC. When I run the bundle, it doesn't delete the directory structure and I get a Policy manager error sent to me by the ZCC as follows:

Device Alias: XXXYYY
Device IP Address:
Error: [11/28/16 8:08:28 AM] PolicyManager ActionMan.FailureProcessingActionException Failed to process action: (err=10): Could not open sqlite database

1. What sqlite database is it trying to open? Is this on the ZCC or on the WS that I am running the bundle on?

2. Is there a specific ZCM macro for the system temp directory or do I have to specify it as ${Windir}\temp ?

3. What log file should I look at to get more information about why the bundle action failed? I don't see anything on the WS or in the ZCC under that WS object messages.