I am trying to use cctk.exe for Dell Computers to configure how the BIOS is set up. I have a bundle that does this and in order to track what version of the settings I use I want to put a new Registry value in HKLM\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\BIOS with a value data of 1 (Since it is associated with the BIOS). After I run the bundle, I check the registry and see that the new value is there. All is good.

Then I reboot the WS, go look in that key in the registry and the value and value data that I added are gone! I try it again, reboot and the same thing happens. Does Windows clear out everything in this key and repopulate it every time the WS reboots?

I later created a new key under HKLM\SOFTWARE and then put the value and value data in it and it stays after a reboot.