Were sorry for the problems you experienced and appreciate the feedback. We take customer feedback seriously and are already investigating each item you stated to understand the root cause of why the problem wasnt detected prior to release. We strive to deliver high quality innovation to our customers rapidly and, when mistakes happen, we look at our quality assurance process to understand the root cause and resolve it.

As a result of investigating the specific problems you listed we determined that, while our QA process covers many upgrade paths, there is an upgrade path that was not adequately covered by our QA process. Unfortunately, this is the upgrade path that your system was on. We will be covering this upgrade path in future releases.

Customer Care has steps you can take to immediately resolve items 1-3 and get your system running properly. There is a workaround for item 4 immediately available at https://www.netiq.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7017476 and a permanent fix will be released soon. Item 5 related to events we are still investigating. A new version of Sentinel 8 will be released soon that fixes the problems you reported.