GroupWise 2014 R2 Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 2 has been released. Be award that this Hot Patch includes a security fix. Please see the Security section for details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A fix in the GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1 HP2 Post Office Agent (POA) causes problems with shares in GroupWise Mobility Server 2014 R2 SP1. If you upgrade to GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1 HP2, you should also upgrade your GroupWise Mobility Server to 2014 R2 SP1 HP1.

NOTE: This release has fixes that have previously been provided by Micro Focus Global Technical Services in the form of a Field Test Files (FTF). If you have received an FTF from Technical Support after GroupwWise 2014 R2 SP1 please examine the Change Log section to determine if your fix has been included before applying the update. An updated FTF can be requested from Support if your fix is not included.

Security Fixes
A reflected XSS vulnerability exists in the web console of the GroupWise Document Viewer Agent that may enable a remote attacker to execute javascript in the context of a valid user's browser session by getting the user to click on a specially crafted link. This could lead to session compromise or other browser-based attacks.

"This vulnerability was discovered and reported by Michael Statman at Emes Consulting ( Novell bug 986327, CVE-2016-9169"


Change Log

935824 - Unable to recover deleted user account from several versions of the GW domain db

992891 - Shared book right changes do not provide a UUID for shared recipients

995682 - Downloading embedded attachments in a shared folder doesn't work

995870 - SOAP was not filtering system objects when getting SAB deltas

996425 - Allow attachment streaming to use the C/S port to eliminate need for separate HTTP port. (requires updated server and client) SOAP fixes in POA needed for GMS

996942 - POA crashes when high level SOAP logging enabled

998653 - POA cores

1003412 - If vacation rule doesn't have a start/end then SOAP doesn't return the "replyToExternalUsers" setting

1005691 - Sending to very large distribution list times out causing duplicate sends

989822 - Drag and drop attachment to desktop changes the "name information" of the file

996425 - Allow attachment streaming to use the C/S port to eliminate need for separate HTTP port (requires updated server and client)

997078 - Hyperlink protocol should not be translated in German

1005490 - Client crash on mso99Lwin32client.dll / mso20Win32client.dll

938962 - Client install error "ordinal not found"

988367 - Install.bat /unattended error - Microsoft Visual C++ 2013

989114 - Client install breaks iPrint client - MSVCR120.dll

990018 - Unattended GroupWise Client 2014 R2 SP1 via zen is no longer working

999599 - Czech language files missing during client auto-update

1010082 - Python error configuring Web components on SLES 12 SP2

960616 - New items not showing up in Mac Mail when number of items in the folder exceeded the configured IMAP read limit

1004390 - Deleting a message from the GW client appears to delete the wrong message in the Mac Mail client via IMAP

999837 - Unable to reply to messages on iPad after iOS 10 update