Hello all,

I am in the process of creating a workflow that allows an initiator to
create user objects with a Role that is linked to theirs. A simple
example would be that an instructor being the initator, can create user
objects with the role of a student. I am doing this by creating a custom
attribute in an auxiliary class called "AllowedRoleRequests" that
contains the DN of the Roles that a user can request. This should be a
straight forward implementation, however, I am running into some

I have added nrfRole as an entity to the DAL as well as the
"AllowedRoleRequests" attribute. However, any attempt to retrieve the
value of the attribute "AllowedRoleRequests" results in a blank value.
I have tried using both IDVault.get and creating a query and calling

- IDVault.get(null, roleDN, "nrfRole", "AllowedRoleRequests");
- IDVault.globalQuery(null, "childRole", {childDN:roleDN});

Both result in a blank value. I believe that my syntax is correct in
using the IDVault.get and Query functions as I am able to get the
attribute value of user objects. However, trying to get my custom
attribute of "AllowedRoleRequests" and even the "CN" of the nrfRole
entity result in a blank value. I have checked the catalina.out for any
errors and all I find are my pre-activity actions. There are no errors.

If anybody can point me in the right direction so that I can resolve my
issue I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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