We have a data volume with two main folders: Shared and Users. I just noticed that on the Users folder, everyone is able to see everything, which was not the case before. I checked in iManager for the IRF and it is set properly, with only S checked and the rest unchecked. Usually, I would only see the user folder to which I had access (mine), but I now can see all of them and all the files in any I select. Which means any other user can do the same. Not sure who / what change was made here, but I need to fix it. If the IRF is set correctly for the Users Directory, where else can I look to see why everyone has rights to all user folders? Our Shared folder is set correctly and works as it should, with people only having rights as specifically assigned via a group. This is a fully patched (last night) OES 11 SP3 server, running eDirectory 8.8 sp8.