I have been trying to help someone get their system connected to our
LDAP. The system is Acano, some sort of video conferencing system. It's
a pretty standard config: server address, port, baseDN, etc. The problem
is it seems to be mainly for Active Directory and the documentation
doesn't even make a distinction and I get an error. When it tries to
'sync', basically import the users from out LDAP, it gives and error
saying the user has an empty objectID. Everything on the LDAP side looks
fine, no errors, but the Acano system doesn't like that none of the
users have and empty objectID. From what I understand, objectID is
pretty AD specific. I tried using the attribute mapping in eDIrectory to
map GUID to objectID but that did not help. Is there anything else I
need to do in order to map it? Do I need to extend the schema or
something as well?

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