First post, been an IDM consultant for ~9 months now.

I wanted to ask if anyone has experience moving users' workforceID into
an SAP system via the SAP User Management driver.

I have tried various attributes in the USR21 table, such as workforceID
-> USR21:TECHDESC, but this fails as in the Description field in the
USR21 table is empty after pushing a test user through from the Identity
Vault to SAP ECC.

We eventually want to match users using both sapAlias (ALIAS:USERALIAS)
and workforceID.

I did find an old thread
(https://forums.netiq.com/archive/index.php/t-51863.html) about this,
but I did not get a clear answer from that thread and we are up to 4.5.3
in this system rather than 4.0.2


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