a few weeks ago we noticed that the Sentinel Log Manager was end of live
and we need to switch to Sentinel itself.
I have a little bit experience with Senitnel and have set up a Sentinel
8 system that collects all data from our Identity Management environment
in test and development.

I want now to create a mail notification when a IDM driver gets stopped
or started.

So my question is, is it the right way to create a event routing
configuration that initiates a mail notification when such a event
occurs or would this be configured a different way ?

A following question would be on how to "convert" or "extend" the send
email action into a event routing action.
I have found a the information that this is handled via a EventRouting
tag in the action, but would I need to replace the existing action to be
also such a EventRouting action ? Or how can that be done.

Thanks for help,

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