GW14.2.1 on SLES11 SP4

It has been recommended to me to perform a top-down rebuild of my GW databases. However, I haven't found anything that lays out the process very well. There also seem to be a lot of caveats.

The context is that I have a problem with administering users in a PO and domain that were recently (10 days ago) upgraded from GW2012 to 14.2.1 and merged into a larger GW system as a secondary domain.

Presumably, I begin with the Primary domain database. It appears that this can be done from the GW Admin Console. However, the R2 documentation ( says it needs to be done using gwadminutil rebuild. To further declarify things, there are several comments recommending against a rebuild of a Primary domain database.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to proceed?

Many thanks,