Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR5) is now available for downloading from

New fixes included in the Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR5):

1. eDirectory AutoAdminLogon could fail on Windows 10 platforms. (Bug 1006564)
2. Potential crash if Inherited Rights or Purge Subdirectories is invoked for a long path. (Bug 1005071)
3. Applications may create temporary files that cannot be immediately deleted. See TID 7018086. (Bug 998876)
4. Windows 10 upgrade can cause "802.1x Authentication" to stop working. (Bug 997645)
5. Volume handle metadata could potentially become corrupt when File Caching is enabled. (Bug 994805)
6. When unlocking a workstation, the input focus might not be set on the password field. (Bug 993534)
7. File deletion could potentially fail without errors reported when File Caching is enabled. (Bug 992542)
8. Applications requesting FileInternalInformation or FileAllInformation could fail unexpectedly. (Bug 991759)
9. Applications requesting DELETE permission could potentially succeed even when NCP-level ERASE permission is not granted. (Bug 989502)
10. An otherwise successful interactive user logon could stop and re-prompt user for credentials on Windows 10 platforms. See TID 7017966. (Bug 979572)
11. Password change options could still be shown for a Windows account associated to a Microsoft Account (LiveID). (Bug 977709)
12. Configuration of "DefaultLocationProfile" still being used in some cases instead of "DefaultLoginProfile". (Bug 966288)
13. eDirectory AutoAdminQueryNDS could fail on Windows 10 platforms. See TID 7017628. (Bug 963491)
14. Potential crash in NCCACHE.SYS when opening login scripts or other eDirectory stream attributes. (Bug 920986)
15. Added support for credential provider wrappers that do not handle IConnectableCredentialProviderCredential. (Bug 720076)