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Thread: Directory case issue with migfiles

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    Directory case issue with migfiles

    Hello out there ..

    I ran into an annoying issue migrating volumes from one server to another.

    Some of our branch offices getting a new server with much more available storage. The new server has OES11, the old one OES2. We decided to consolidate the DST Storage at the old server and want to have all the data in one NSS storage device at the new server.

    Example szenario:
    For minimum downtime, all the data has to be copied while old server is active. One evening I use migfiles with "sync" option and the servers could be swapped.

    Old server has 400GB of data in the shadow volume and 600GB in the active NCP volume VOL1
    Unfortunately the DST-volume is not seen by NCP, no way to use migfiles for the DST. I have to use other tools.

    I write top level directories of the DST Vol in a file and let scp with the "recursive" option do the job. It works very well. Few hours later all the files and directories of the old DST Vol are on the new servers VOL1.
    To copy the NCP Volumes, I use migfiles. A second job, running at weekend, migrates all the active data form old VOL1 to new servers VOL1. It works perfect with no serious errors in the debug file. Well done .. I could say .. but ..

    Users told me, some directories are empty or dont have all the data .. strange .. there were no errors in debug logs of migfiles ..
    I investigated the issue and found two folders(example): (1): /media/nss/..../MyCoolFolder0 and (2) /media/nss/..../mycoolfolder

    Its a case issue at the directory names, sometimes they are different in case at DST and active Volume
    (1)--> SCP copies folder "mycoolfolder" from DST to VOL1
    (2)--> MIGFILES noticed the difference in case and instead of merging, it creates a new one and appends a zero to the directory name.
    Thats not cool .. and not cool not to write a debug entry in case of such an issue

    NSS is case insensitive. No matter, which case I use, Linux tools never throws an error
    ls /media/nss/..../mYCooLFolDER works
    ls /media/nss/..../mycoolFOLDER works too
    mv /media/nss/..../mycoolfolder /media/nss/..../MyCoolFolder throws an error because of copy to itselfes, at EXT3 the command works

    Is there a way to fix the issue? I try to read all directories at the DST source and compare it with the ones on active volume VOL1. First I have difficulties to detect the case issue and, if I know, which directory names differ, I have problems to sync the case of the directory names.

    My idea is to fix all the directory names, copied via SCP, BEFORE the first run of migfiles.
    Thank you for any idea or a hidden commandline option for migfiles to ignore the case.

    Hardy Dockhorn
    Novell-admin in northern germany
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