We have lucked into owning an environment running an older version of
SSPR (3.3.0 I think) running on Windows Server 2008. We are looking to
move to the current version of SSPR on Windows Server 2012 but we found
a wrinkle. The current SSPR implemention in our Production space is
using the LocalDB to store challenge data even though this is not
recommended. When we move to the latest version we want to move away
from the LocalDB and store the challenge data in AD if possible but at
least in eDir and not the LocalDB but we would like to be able to
migrate/export the current challenge data from the LocalDB to our new
datastore. Has anyone done this before or is there a documented process
to make this happen?

Also, just out of curiosity, what is the feasability of having SSPR do
password sync and authentication against AD but store challenge data in
eDir? This does not sound logical to me but would it be possible? I
know SSPR can integrate with either/or but not sure about both at the
same time.

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