Hi All,
I have a bit of a mixed environment issue, that I'm wondering if there's a way to make work in Filr. I have student Home Directories on OES/NSS, and Staff Homes on Windows servers. I have 2 LDAPs, with different scopes to grab students and staff users, set to eDir or AD accordingly. My AD and eDir directories are sync'ed with IDM.
I have 2 net folders, both on Windows servers

My Students log in, and authenticate against eDirectory, get their OES home directory mapped to "my files", and can see folders, but can't access any files in the net folders (on windows server). (they get 400 Unknown File errors)
Teachers log in, auth against AD, get their AD home directories mapped to my files, and can see net folders, and can access everything fine.

To me, this makes sense, because access rights are granted to their AD object, but they're authenticating with their eDir object.
Any way to make this work, besides moving student's home directories and LDAP to windows boxes?
If I just point students' LDAP to windows, their home directories won't map. (they don't have Home Directories attribs in AD, only in eDir).
Can I have the same user in 2 different LDAPs, and pick which one is used where, somehow?
Any other suggestions?