i am re-writing this post as i didn't get response for my older post.
In Role bases entitlements, i had given one condition in Membership
->Edit Dynamic Members -> Criteria group1 and added a group in
entitlment tab by selecting driver as GroupEntitlement loopback driver
and required group from that driver
when i click on Test filter, i am getting result as expected(i have
developed entitlement service driver and GroupEntitlement loopback
driver to synch role base entitlements).

now i have some queries and would appreciate quick solution for them.
1) when i added 5 conditions in Membership ->Edit Dynamic Members
->critearea groups and 5 groups to the entitlment wizard by selecting
driver and adding groups from the driver by external query same as i
have done for single group that worked; when i clicked on TestFilter i
got result for 1st group but not for all groups.
i need steps on how multiple conditions will work to add members to the
multiple groups through role based entitlement.
2) i need guidance on how result of TestFilter should replicate to the
group in iManager(i created new static group and trying to add members
in that by giving conditions)
3) do i need to run job on either Role base entitlement driver or
GroupEntitlement loopback driver?

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