Long in the past we had set up our archive location to point to a common directory via UNC like this: \\server\NSS1\gwarchive. GroupWise then created an archive folder for each user using the standard naming scheme. The users could access only their archive directory:





I did not have to modify any ACLs for this to work, GroupWise did all the heavy lifting creating the directory and setting the ACLs.

Fast forward to the present. A user wanted to access their old archive but could not. I was able to change the location of this persons archive and move the data to that location and fix the archive database. I then removed the old archive directory and planned on having GroupWise recreate it. However this is where things went south. The user is unable to create a new archive directory in the older location unless I give her full rights to the parent, \\server\NSS1\gwarchive. Manually creating the archive directory and giving her full rights to it did not work as she would get 8201 errors even though she has full access to that folder and its contents.

I have tested moving the archive folder to the user's home directory, and that works fine. So, if you still use archiving today, how do you have the archive path set up? Is there a way to still use the common archive folder like I did in the past? Thanks much, Chris.