We have 3 environments: DEV, UAT, and PRD all running the combined OSP, IDM, SSPR modules.

DEV is a single server using PostgreSQL and v4.0.0.2.
UAT is a dual cluster using Microsoft SQL and v4.0.0.2.
PRD is a dual cluster using Microsoft SQL and v3.3.1.6 (until tomorrow morning when it will be uplifted to v4.0.0.2).

A couple of issues here.

1) Trying to /config/editor for more than 1 environment in a browser fails.....it appears to be something around the Configuration Password (stored for 1 hour) conflicting between the two....common temp storage in browser? If I restart browser, I can get in properly.......if I don't, I end up having issues loading the editor. This isn't a problem between v4 and v3, just between 2 x v4.....when it was all v3, the problem didn't occur....

2) Stats. We really need the states stored in Remote Database, having it in LocalDB on 2 nodes doesn't allow for accurate statistics as each node needs to be interrogated (significant complex work due to OAuth URLs and Load Balancer) then stats combined to give overall view of solution. Jason, any plan for this in future?