On some branch offices we're running DST to move files and folders older 2 years to another device.

Now, we decided to consolidate the data from shadow and active volume to a new server.
But this task is not as easy as it seems for the first look.

The servers are very sensible and we have to minimize downtime as less as possible. As times goes by, DST collected hundreds of gigabytes to the shadow volume. It will take some time to copy over the wire.

Good job for Migration Tools .. copying data while filesystem in use, down server, make a SYNC to copy slight delta and go online again.
But ...

Problem is the data on DST shadow volume. Before migration takes place, I deactivate all running DST policies to freeze the state of the shadow.

The shadow volume cannot be reached by Novell-Tools. All of them needs NCP access, but NCP has to be deacitvated for running DST. That makes sense, otherwise users may "see" (and modify) the shadow, because its a mirror with all trustees and filesystem rights.

What may I use to transfer the data from shadow to the new volume while DST is in use? Similar to migfiles, where the filesystem can be in use while migration?

I would be grateful for every hint or advice
Hardy Dockhorn
Novell admin in northern germany