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Thread: Possible, migfiles skipping files for some reason?

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    Possible, migfiles skipping files for some reason?


    another post regarding migfiles:

    Some of our branch offices gets a new server and we have to migrate the data from old OES2 server to new OES11 server. We use migfiles for the job.

    Days later users told me, they are missing some files. My first response: "Not possible .." but I investigated the case. In fact, on source server are files I cant find at the destination. Thousands of files are absent.
    I had a look at the debug logs of migfiles but I cant find a reason for that, I dont know, whats going on.

    Have a look, dont be confused about folder/filenames:

    First, I count the files in folder at the source server: 3415
    WNLX1:~ # ll /media/nss/VOL1/Gruppe/NL/Rohrnetzkonfigurator/MxBibo/Bloecke | wc -l
    WNLX1:~ #

    Then I searched for the path in the debug log of migfiles:
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration # grep -i nl/rohrnetzkonfigurator/mxbibo/bloecke migfiles_log_1.wnlx1 | wc -l
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration #

    Only 1121 seems to be copied

    May be, all the files copied to server after first run of migfiles, I had a look at SYNC log:
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration # grep -i nl/rohrnetzkonfigurator/mxbibo/bloecke migfiles_sync.log | wc -l
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration #

    May be, some errors occured, I filtered first log for ERROR:
    sed -n '/^[EF]/p' migfiles_log_1.wnlx1 > migfiles_log_1_wnlx1.errors

    ... and searched for some patterns:
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration # grep -i rohr migfiles_log_1_wnlx1.errors | wc -l
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration # grep -i bloecke migfiles_log_1_wnlx1.errors | wc -l
    ... nothing found

    Same for the SYNC log:
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration # sed -n '/^[EF]/p' migfiles_sync.log > migfiles_sync.errors
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration # grep -i rohr migfiles_sync.errors | wc -l
    wnlx2:/var/opt/novell/log/migration # grep -i bloecke migfiles_sync.errors | wc -l

    [yes .. I could have used option "-c" for grep instead of "| wc -l", but the result is the same]

    What happened? Where are the files gone? It seems, migfiles hasn't "seen" thousands of files?

    Unfortunately Migration Toolkit dont have a "Report" .. verfifying all has gone well. I guess, in future I have to do this verification by myselfes.

    By the way
    SYNC ran while offline time for the users .. no one has copied the files to the server while (or after) SYNC was working.
    I verfified, no background task (like cron or similar) copied some files to the server.
    Both volumes are NCP/NSS Volumes all modifications are made exclusively via Novell-Client from Windows Workstation

    The server(s) holds about 1.4 Million of files .. no way to make a compare manually .. no way to detect some missing files. Users will tell me about that .. and thats bad (too late)
    May I open a SR for this case?

    Hardy Dockhorn
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